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You Engineer, I Write, We Win

Tell me if this is true in your experience. You would MUCH rather solve technical problems to help customers or improve your product than write about it. Magazine articles are either too generic to read, add nothing of value, or are only for the big guys with advertising budgets and PR agency spin doctors.

Advertising would be a good thing, you think, so you start investigating some numbers. Say $5,000 or so will buy you a full page of four-color advertising space in a national-class trade magazine you and your customers like. That's SPACE, not the ad itself. You get quotes from local or regional ad shops that might be two or three times that to develop your message, pitch some creative ideas, and bring together the words and images to your liking. Then your ad runs one time in one magazine and you hope like heck the phones ring or website hits increase.

Articles Live

Now consider spending that $5,000 on a couple things, say a customer case study or a technical update on one of your products. These stories could be sent to a number of trade magazines interested in publishing them as is or including them in their next industry roundup. After publication, they can live on as article reprints for your sales force or as industry recognition on your website. And once magazines hear from new voices with something of interest and value for their readers, bet that more invitations come to participate in future article opportunities.

Your name in print is nothing short of magic, and good customers willing to talk about how your product benefits their production operations deliver invaluable third-party credibility that separates industry visionaries from the me-too crowd.

Let's Talk

Interviewing engineers, product managers, customer executives, and assembling value-rich feature articles and technology updates is an experience that never gets old. Let's assemble some samples, discuss the opportunities, and build an industrial-strength PR program worthy of your product and customer support.

Chalmers Industrial Communications Inc.

Ray Chalmers, Principal


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