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Chalmers Industrial Communications

Perception - Manufacturing

Manufacturing is dead, and the body and any belongings are being shipped overseas for disposal. Grandpa may have worked in a factory, but I don't, and for damn sure my kids won't. It's a service and entertainment economy anyway -- America makes movies, not machine tools; American Idol, not American industry.

Chalmers Industrial Communications

The Reality

Manufacturing continues to consolidate, but will always remain a potent factor in this and any economy. Technological change in the means and methods of production is a lever that can lift entire industries into a state of enhanced productivity and profitability.

While the mainstream press has largely written off American manufacturing, there are many success stories to be told, and a highly appreciative audience hungry to hear them.

Chalmers Industrial Communications

Raymond Chalmers

As founder and principal writer for Chalmers Industrial Communications Inc., Ray Chalmers draws on his experience and knowledge to establish new beachheads in Industrial PR. He has over 20 years' experience in writing and customizes his service for every client.

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